"I've always enjoyed a busy and energetic lifestyle and with hobbies ranging from trekking, horse riding and swimming to Argentine tango, I am well aware of the importance of good food and nutrition to maintain energy levels and well being with a strong immune system.

However, for many of us time is at a premium and all too often the most important things which are at the core of both our physical and mental well being, are neglected or side stepped ie. meal planning and food preparation and this leads to a decline in health including poor sleep patterns, skin conditions, poor immune system, fatigue/lethargy to name but a few....

My mission is to advise and assess your needs and create a personalised plan for your wellbeing giving you the necessary skills and creating realistic methods to suit your lifestyle, whether you are a busy working mum who is permanently exhausted or just have a fear or lack of confidence in how to approach catering for newly diagnosed food intolerance or health issue. All too often I hear people exclaim that an ailment is 'in the family' or 'in my genes' with the belief that they are stuck with it.  I would like to help these people understand that no matter what they perceive their genetic disposition to be, by making often just simple lifestyle changes, they can minimise the chances of  following family health issues and at worst they can learn to manage and therefore help alleviate/lessen the effects of that condition.

I suffered for years with digestive problems and discovered after various tests and consultations that I suffered with the digestion condition know commonly known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. However, I was given little or no guidance as to how to deal with this and my condition just wasn't improving.. Medication didn't help and I wasn't happy taking it anyway.  On further investigation and keeping a strict food diary, it was discovered that I had food intolerances to both gluten and dairy products.     After the initial relief and euphoria of finding the root cause of my issues, I was left somewhat bewildered as to what changes I needed to make and how I was going to implement them.

  • What exactly can and should I eat?
  • Will food now be dull and uninteresting?
  • Will I have enough energy?
  • How do I ensure I'm eating enough of the right foods?

Nutritional Therapy was the answer for me.  It treats everyone on an individual basis taking into account not only their diet but their whole lifestyle. I now have much more energy and enjoy many outdoor pursuits worry free of those digestive issues. Simple everyday changes mean I can maintain my busy lifestyle and have the energy to guide others through this maze of nutrition and advice"

Educated to degree level, I have a background in hospitality which including catering for special diets from vegans to people suffering with coeliac disease and dairy allergies. I am fully insured & qualified to Level 5 of the Health Science Academy in Nutritional Therapy under the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation which gives a sound knowledge in the following areas:-

  • Genetic Adaptations to Nutrition
  • Changing your Gene Expression for Better health
  • How food changes DNA
  • The effects of Free Radicals and DNA damage 
  • Essential Nutrients for Mind and Body
  • Antioxidants for Longevity and Disease Prevention & How to test for Antioxidant Capacity
  • Nature's Pharmacy - Polyphenols & Phytochemicals
  • Importance of Fibre 
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics - Links between Brain and Gut 
  • Superfoods & their Health Benefits

I have done much study and am continuing my own personal research on all aspects of Nutrition and how it affects the body and mind and am currently enrolled on a CPD accredited  course  which specialises in Child Nutrition and Brain Development.

I also run workshops and give demonstrations on healthy food preparation (including dairy and gluten intolerance cookery, low sugar and raw delights (yes delights!!) and talks on all aspects of Nutritional Therapy. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better in yourself.

Contact me for more information and to book workshops and demonstrations.