Well it's approaching the end of January already and I've hardly played with my latest acquisition....my dehydrator!  Yep I finally invested in one last year in the hope that I can not only make decent gluten free bread and crackers for my consumption but also add to and enhance my produce for the markets.  I'm thinking raw wraps for the a flavour of summer and springy fruit bread and doughnuts.............yes doughnuts!  I'm off to London on one of my 'posh' courses in February to master the art of dehydration - can't wait! 

First lot of wraps came out of the dehydrator this morning and went straight into the fridge as no time to try them today - I'm off on a social media workshop this morning and they need a filling that will do them justice.  Will make a nice one tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, I'm going to develop my range of nut butters to include some spicy ones, some creamier ones, a chocolate one rather like healthier version of a well known chocolate spread and a vanilla coconut butter.  All will be delightful spread on bread/toast, banana or straight from the jar if you just can't resist!

I've also just finished fermenting my Almond 'cheese' and it looks and tastes good.  Tomorrow I'll make it into a nice terrine - hopefully another nice one for events and to teach at workshops.  Photos to follow!!

So here are the end results.............Sundried tomato, olive, pesto and almond cheese terrine...and yes, it tastes as good as it looks and is really filling too.  This will definitely be a new one for the workshops and my market stalls!!

And below is one of my Raw wraps...I filled it with mashed avocado, tahini & lemon juice, grated carrot and beetroot.....mmmmm really yummy 

Woke this morning to a picture postcard snow covered garden and fields............made me smile - it looked so pretty.  It also meant I could had an excuse to spend more time in the kitchen playing....Nut butters this time.  I decided on Peanut Butter with Coconut and it worked out really well.  I decided not to add any salt or sweetener, so the ingredients really are just peanuts and coconut!  I've kept it raw by restricting any 'roasting' to under 118 degrees F to to keep even more goodness in.  Excellent on bread, toast, in porridge.... A good morning's work.


Where has the time gone...........it's now early May and it still feels like winter........The sun did shine a couple of weeks ago though and in more than one way!  

I was lucky  enough to have been invited to run workshops at Coleg Ceredigion with the 1st and 2nd year catering students.  My first experience in a college and a new subject for the students - raw food - so a learning curve all round!  I think some of them were a bit sceptical to begin with but they soon got involved and enjoyed the challenge of creating good plant based food, all dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and all without turning the oven on!  The results were pleasing to both staff and students and judging by how quickly the food we made disappeared, I can safely say it was enjoyed by all.

For a starter/canape we made Raw Courgette Wraps, filled with cashew cheese, avocado, julienne vegetables and snow pea shoots. The main course was a Cashew Cream Tart with Coriander Pesto and served with a Beetroot & Apple Slaw and also a Kale & Quinoa Salad...........I think raw kale was certainly an eye opener for them but when served in certain combinations, it really is good.

For dessert, the year 1 students made Lemon, Lime & Avocado Moussecake and the 2nd years made a Salted Caramel Tart.  Dates are used as a way of making caramel in the tart and one student told me how weird it was that he disliked dates intensely but loved the caramel.........think that was a winner!!