Recipe For Health with Nutritional Therapist Margaret Crook will look at you as an individual, your diet and your lifestyle and will give clear guidance helping you to make the right choice for improving your health and vitality.

"People don't realise how important the right food is; you really are what you eat!  If you're eating the wrong foods your body will tell you but we tend to ignore its cries & suffer the ailments, we don't have to. All too often I hear people exclaim that a health problem is 'in the family' or 'in my genes' with the belief that they can do nothing about it.  I would like to help these people understand that no matter what they perceive their genetic disposition to be, by making often just simple lifestyle changes, they can either reduce the chances of following family health issues or learn to manage the problem and therefore help alleviate the effects of that condition"

"Eating wisely need not be expensive or time consuming and I can show you how"

Margaret will work with you to help with:
            • Increased energy
            • Improved sleep patterns
            • Clearer skin and better complexion
            • Less prone to coughs and colds
            • Improved weight management
            • Alleviate & prevent ailments.
            • Restore balance.
            • Improved digestive function
            • Improved general wellbeing

Using a holistic approach of a series of ongoing assessements and advice, Margaret will offer dietary recommendations & meal ideas based on your lifestyle, circumstances, age and goals. e.g. Breakfast on the go, lunch for busy workers, foods for energy, foods for life, foods while out and about with family & friends and kids lunches affording you more time for the family and yourself.

Everyone from young children to the elderly can benefit from Nutritional Therapy including:
  • Women during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Pre and Post Menopause
  • Those who want to improve their immunity
  • Those who wish to generally improve their health and energy levels
  • Sports men and women
  • People with disabilities
  • Pre-conceptual care for women and men 
  • Children with hyperactivity issues/sleep problems

Contact me for more information on private consultations and to book workshops and demonstrations.

Tel:  07974 384395        email:      facebook: Recipe for Health UK   Twitter: recipe4healthuk